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Nicolás Senerman
and Exequiel Kantor


Nicolás Senerman





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Dooiu is a Social Fintech that seeks to redefine and give new meaning to the value of people's time by creating tools and solutions that connect people around the world and monetize their presence based on the time they spend with others.


Dooiu was founded in 2020 by Nicolas Senerman and Exequiel Kantor. It could be said that Dooiu's story begins that year, but in reality it began much earlier through the particular life stories of Nico and Exe.

Nico, from an early age, always had trouble connecting with his teachers. That didn't stop him from excelling in complex subjects or developing other talents. However, much of his skills were learned from those he least expected. His best friend taught him mathematics which led him to be among the best in his country, a farmer in California helped him master the guitar, and many acquaintances of acquaintances helped him settle in Israel as a new immigrant. Throughout his life, much of the learning he received came from the experience, time and knowledge of people he would have liked to stay in touch with in return for their time. Exe, on the other hand, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when he was 7 years old. This led him, from a very young age, to talk about his experience in order to raise awareness among patients, doctors and the community at large. And every time he was contacted to participate in an activity, there was always the awkward moment of putting a value on his participation, of deciding when to do it for free or when to charge for it.

Nico and Exe are the two faces that reflect Dooiu's purpose. That of reclaiming the value of a person's experience, passion and time and making the process more natural through a friendly and secure platform that connects them with other people so that they can benefit from their knowledge.

Our team

Co - Founder & CEO

Entrepreneur. MA in Psychology.Born in Chile.

Exequiel Kantor
Co - Founder & CMO

Entrepreneur. Business & Marketing. Born in Argentina.

Hayim Makabee

10 years of experience in Machine Learning and 25 as a Leading Software Engineer in the High Tech Start Ups Industry in Israel. Blogger with more than 500K page views. Author of a book and several papers. Public Speaker.

Yacov Kruger

10 High Tech exits as CEO of one of Israel’s largest family office with many of Israel’s most successful exits.

Moises Bassan
R&D Team Leader

Más de 14 años de experiencia. Creó el principal software de intercambio de criptomonedas de código abierto, posteriormente adquirido en Israel.

Laura Challiol
Senior graphic designer and UX/UI Designer

Más de 8 años de experiencia. Creativo, lúcido y con gran capacidad de análisis. Tiene el equilibrio perfecto entre el diseño visual y el diseño UX.

Cris Berstein
Product Owner

Ha llevado a cabo la validación del producto y del mercado junto con una profunda investigación con más de 200 socios de diseño para Dooiu desde las primeras etapas. Experiencia en gestión de marcas y productos junto con la experiencia del cliente.

Advisory board

Gil Shourka

Recognized as one of the top twenty high-tech Israeli Influence leaders of the year by Telecom News. Partner at Supersonic Capital & Managing Director of BizLabs. Columnist at TheMarker where he writes about innovation, and the local and global tech ecosystem.

Luciano Nicora

Vice President Endeavor Argentina. Founder of Addventure Club, Asarcob, Latincob, Ualabee.

León Molina

MKT Lab Director at Siglo 21, the biggest private university in LATAM. 30+ successful years in multinational marketing

Greyla Alvarez

Global business consultant with 20 years of experience in Strategy, Consulting and Product Management. Founder of Benchlab and Namika. CPO Ilumno

Natasha Kirtchuk

International television presenter, influencer, communications consultant and digital creator, currently hosting the top-rated program "Israel Business Beat "on i24news.

Jesús Ripoll Lopez

CEO & Founder de Helpers Speakers & Consulting. Experience Board Executive (15+ years) with strong experience in Omnichannels, Consulting and Entrepeneaurship.

Daniel Orlean

Serial-entrepreneur with two successful exits as a founder. Co-CEO and founder of Conta Voltz. Founder, shareholder of BizCapital, fintech focused on small businesses. In the Education sector, co-founder of Milestone, merged with Affero Lab, sold to both Bertelsmann Group and IFC / World Bank in 2015.

Pablo Piccolotto

Senior Manager of Design and User Experience (UX) at Mercado Libre. In addition, he teaches undergraduate and graduate courses and is a Researcher (Category IV Incentive Program). He has an extensive background in companies such as HP, Intel and Naranja. He has 6 international software invention patents and at the USPTO.

Dooiu in the media

Incutex llega a Israel a través de Dooiu, la startup para influencers

El emprendimiento de base tecnológica se encuentra en una prueba piloto y será presentada oficialmente en cuatro meses en el mercado de Latam.El cordobés Exequiel Kantor (CMO) y el chileno Nicolás Senerman (CEO) crearon una cross plataforma que permite que los profesionales sean compensados al brindar su tiempo...

Un argentino y un chileno crearon una plataforma para que los influencers le saquen más prvecho a sus redes.

LA NACIÓN / 31 de diciembre de 2021. Exequiel Kantor, cordobés de 30 años, y Nicolás Senerman, chileno de 31, se conocieron en Israel y aprovecharon su experiencia de intentar encontrar asesoramiento para radicarse para crear una aplicación que permite a consultores e influencers monetizar sus contactos....

Vincularse y cobrar por un mismo canal, una opción para profesionales, capacitadores y artistas

Es un emprendimiento del cordobés Exequiel Kantor y el chileno Nicolás Senerman, que arrancó en Tel Aviv. La aplicación se lanzará en julio y la primera etapa será en Latinoamérica.

Dooiu, la app que busca monetizar el tiempo de profesionales e influencers, pide pista en LatAm

¿Alguna vez escuchaste sobre la teoría de los 6 grados de separación? Esa que postula que cualquiera de nosotros podría relacionarse con cualquier habitante del planeta (incluidas las figuritas más difíciles) “usando” solo 5 personas.Dooiu es una plataforma que tira por tierra esa hipótesis y logra que contactes (y consultes) con quien quieras en un solo clic....


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