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Do it with Dooiu, an all-in-one app which connects those who know with those who need to know more.


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The app of choice for professionals and influencers around the world to connect with their audiences and clients

Video calls with integrated payment system

Customizable calendar and pricing settings

Waiting list so you can contact your audience whenever you want

Connect with people who are interested in paying for your time and knowledge.

How it works


Download Dooiu and create your share link.


Set up your calendar and rates.


Connect with your audience.


Get paid


Open channel

Dooiu is an App available worldwide and thought for users who aim at monetizing their time and knowledge with others through a platform which is much useful for solving all required processes.

Integrated payment

Dooiu covers all your needs, even your payment: you just need to decide where to get the money. The clients can choose their method of payment and after finishing their calls you will automatically receive your money in a safe way.

Setting Prices

You can set the prices to charge what you find reasonable. You can even pre-set some free minutes at the beginning of the first call coming from a new client..

Transparent prices

Any rules which you have defined about prices and free minutes are communicated to the clients before each call. Clients will also know beforehand the estimated cost of a 30-minute call..

In-call pause payment button

Soon you will have access to a bottom to pause and collect in a per-minute call. This service will offer you total flexibility to decide when and how much to charge for each call.


Dooiu is basically a platform from which two or more people can make calls and exchange knowledge for money. Dooiu is a solution for communicating to each other and making payments in a simple and clear way. It allows those who sell their time as teachers, consultants, or experts to increase their income and grow professionally. Also, it enables any person who wants to consult on any topic to pay a fair price for the services received.

Dooiu charges only 20% of each of your interactions. Most of it goes to cover technology development costs to further evolve the platform and service.

Sign up on our website. Download the application. Set your per minute rate. Copy the link to share on your social networks, website or blog. Start making and receiving calls and earn money for your time and knowledge.

Everyone can. Dooiu is a platform that is open to the world so that any expert, specialist, influencer, creator, mentor or person willing to share their time and knowledge can communicate in a more meaningful way with their community and be compensated while doing so.

Everyone who clicks on your personal link on Dooiu or who someone has shared your contact with. They can only call you through the platform and at the times you have set available. If you are in high demand, a waiting list will be created for you you to contact them directly.

You decide how much to charge and, if you would like, how much free time to give. If you need help choosing a price, Dooiu incorporates a unique artificial intelligence model to recommend prices and rates according to your profile.

As long as you are willing to help someone in need, you have the potential to become a member of Dooiu.

There is no other platform like Dooiu. It was created precisely because of the difficulty that professionals, influencers and people in general have to naturalize and monetize interactions with their audience or clients. Dooiu solves in a few clicks and in a single solution what used to be a long, complex, tedious process that required many different platforms.

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